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When The Storm Has Passed

When The Storm Has Passed

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In “When the Storm Has Passed,” I delve into the trials and tribulations of a relationship through a poignant, abstract narrative. Set in an ethereal, rain-washed urban landscape devoid of buildings, the painting captures two figures standing in this surreal, open space. The swirling blues and reds of the backdrop evoke the emotional storms they have weathered together.

At the brink of separation, the woman readies herself to walk away, umbrella in hand, to shield from the metaphorical rain. In a pivotal moment, the man gently touches her shoulder, a silent plea to pause. His gesture signifies that the storm has ended, urging her to stay and reconsider. The rich interplay of colors and the absence of a concrete cityscape highlight the raw, emotional context of their journey.

The layered textures and fluid forms reflect the complexities of their shared experiences, while the emerging light symbolizes a glimmer of hope and renewal. Through this piece, I aim to convey the fragile beauty of reconciliation and the profound moments that can mend the fissures in a relationship.

comes as rolled canvas ready to be attached to back board and framed. 

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