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London Paintings

Profile Of A Woman In Yellow and Blue

Profile Of A Woman In Yellow and Blue

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82x74cm Oil On Canvas.
This oil painting captures the essence of what I see and experience, an intriguing exploration of layered realities. The profile of the woman is depicted with a calm, introspective gaze, subtly contrasting against the vibrant chaos of the background. The use of yellow and blue not only highlights her figure from the complex, dream-like environment but also serves to convey a mood that is both surreal and deeply reflective.

The technique here—soft yet distinct strokes—helps blur the lines between the waking world and the ethereal realm of dreams that I navigate. The face on the back of the woman's head, merging seamlessly with her own, represents the continual blend of perception and imagination, illustrating the dual nature of my daily experiences.

Through this painting, I aim to delve into the intriguing interplay between visible and hidden elements. It reflects the complexity of human consciousness and the profound depths of our inner landscapes, shaped by both seen and unseen forces. It’s about capturing those fleeting, almost ethereal moments of dreamlike visions that I experience, bringing them into a tangible form that invites viewers to look beyond the surface and feel the emotion and mystery woven through the layers.

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