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Little Painting of London 2 - Westminster by Ryan Louder

Little Painting of London 2 - Westminster by Ryan Louder

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Size: 12x16
Welcome to my gallery of dreams and reality. My name is Ryan Louder, and I am an artist with a unique companionNarcolepsy with Hypnagogic Dream Intrusion. This rare neurological condition allows me to capture the ephemeral visions of my dreams and bring them to life on canvas. My journey and ability have been recognized by leading neurologists at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital in London, but it's the support and curiosity of art lovers like you that truly bring my work to life.

In my art, you'll find more than just technique; you'll find a piece of my dream world, a place where emotions take color and shape, creating dreamscapes out of ordinary scenes. It's a place where the subconscious dances in the light of day, and every canvas tells a storya story I'm eager to share with you.

I take great pride in ensuring that each original painting is carefully well-packaged, protecting its integrity from my studio to your space. I want you to experience the art as vividly as it was conceived.

For those who are drawn to the essence of my work, I offer high-quality prints on Hahnemühle paper, crafted with the finest printers available. These prints are a labor of love, aiming to bring a touch of the dreamlike quality of my original pieces into your home or collection.

I apologize for the thumbnail-sized images that may not do justice to the detail and depth of my paintings; it's a challenge I'm actively working to overcome. If you're interested in a closer view, I'm more than happy to provide high-resolution images upon requestjust drop me a message.

If my work speaks to you, or if you simply wish to know more, please reach out to me at I am here to answer your questions and to ensure that your experience with my art is as profound and inspiring as the visions that fuel it.

Thank you for your interest and for allowing me to share a piece of my dream world with you.
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